Some people get a bit confused when engineers start talking about editing. How long does it take, what can it do, etc...

For starters, editing can take less than an hour or several days. If you have a basic live mix, it generally takes an hour or so to cut the session into the tracks that you burn onto CD, add some simple fades, adjust volume levels, and upload it to the site. Very basic stuff.

On the other side, for a commercial multitrack release editing can take multiple days. Around the time I start stitching together your songs in 5 second chunks from many takes, editing each instrument separately - things get substantially more complicated. Usually this kind of work takes substantially longer than the original session, and is a collaboration with you: a dialogue where we improve upon multiple versions until we are both satisfied with the end result.

In the middle lies an edited live session: depending on the number of splices and kinds of post-processing I need to do, this can take 3-6 hours. If you need this kind of work, it is important to supply me with the music you are working from. I can only make things note perfect if I am aware of the notes.

If you are concerned or curious, I am happy to provide an estimate of how long things will take for your particular project. Get in touch.