AdobeAdobeAudition Audition is an excellent multi-track recorder: easy to use, powerfull, and expandable.


GoldWaveGoldwave is a tiny but powerful wave editor, ideal for quick sessions.  Stable and dependable.


ApexApex Electronics microphones and audio equipment: great quality to the dollar spent. I tear these Chinese mics apart and rebuild them with premium components - then they sing.


BehringerHigh-quality, affordable mixers and microphones.  Our basic setup uses the Behringer UB1202 & the multi-track rig a modified Eurodesk MX2004A.


M-AudioM-Audio makes great PCI/Firewire audio interfaces.  I use the ever-dependable 1010LT as my multitrack interface.


MackieMackie, makers of the original rock-solid mixers.  Well-built and designed with great sound and functionality.  I use Mackie mixers for larger projects.


MonsterCableMonster Cable make high-quality cables, speakers, and home-theatre equipment.  I use their unpowered monitors for mixing.


ShureThe legendary SM57 & 58 microphones are a part of every serious recording engineer's kit.


SonyWhen on location, I use the excellent MDR-V700DJ headphones.  Realistic & detailed: I love these headphones.

 VoxengoVoxengo designs VST pulgins for many audio workstations.  I use several of their excellent plugins.

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