Below are some locations you might consider booking for your recording. Do you have another great space to share?
Get in touch and I will post it here.




If you are a student at UWO, you many have free or low-cost access to several different spaces in the Faculty of Music through the online room booking system. Follow the link to get instructions on how to use it.  Several rooms you might consider are:

  • The Organ Studio (MB18) - A great sounding space with a good piano.  I love the natural reverb in this room: this is one of my favorite spaces to record on campus.
  • Von Kuster Hall - a 270 seat recital hall with a great acoustic for piano, voice, and string ensembles. This facility may be available for rental through the school, or available after-hours to students there. Read the Hall Policy here.
  • MB345, MB102, MB104 - all good sounding classrooms with well-maintained grand pianos.  These rooms are frequently used for credit recitals and are a good choice if larger spaces are not available.


Spaces in Toronto tend to be expensive: if you have an affiliation with a church or university, check with them first.  Something may be available to you for free through those channels.

  • York University - Room 235 is available to students wishing to record.  A large room with a good acoustic and piano, this is a good choice after hours or on weekends.